The Law Firm of Nasreen Abdulrahman Alissa is proud to share recent client success stories

Cases We Are Proud Of

Representing a Tech Startup on a Venture Capital Investment

The co-founders decided to launch their tech startup in the market. Soon it was a hit. People started loving it. The company began to get more orders, but they didn’t have enough resources to meet the demand. Now they needed to scale their company. For which they required an investment. The founders were lucky to find the right person. The investor saw the potential of growth in the company and agreed to the acquisition of 60% of the startup. To meet the legal requirements of the whole process, they contacted us. We made the entire process as simple as possible for them. It was a win-win situation for both parties.

Copyright Infringement of a Celebrity

It may be tempting to use a celebrity’s photograph to endorse your own business, but doing so without considering the celebrity’s “image rights” first may lead to legal problems. A large MENA company used our client images for promoting their business. We were able to reach an undisclosed settlement.

Whistleblower Fired for Exposing the Truth

An employee, who spoke up about misconduct activities by his employer, got fired. A large MENA company got very upset after their employee spoke up about misconduct activities. They threatened him that if he does not sign a clearance letter (with a letter from him saying that what he said was incorrect), they will ban him from travel and report him as a criminal, and eventually, they did. He was stuck for 3 months in Riyadh, not knowing what to do. We were able to convince his employer to drop the false criminal charges and remove the travel ban. We reached a settlement agreement. Our client went back to his home country safely.

A Battle Over Agents’ Commission

Buyer refused to pay commission to the agent. Our client (the agent) had an oral agreement with a buyer (large construction company). The agent negotiated the terms of a large deal and was promised a commission of $10 million dollars on closing the deal. The deal got closed and the agent never got paid.

We not only negotiated a settlement offer, but we were able to get an affidavit from the 2 overseas witnesses who were present during the closing of the deal. We offered to pay their tickets to fly to Saudi, so they can testify in court. Buyer agreed to Out-of-Court Settlement. The agent got his commission. We dropped the charges.