Business Restructuring

When a business is going through a restructuring process, it’s not always in relation to debt issues. There are numerous considerations that corporate restructuring may be advisable or necessary. Business owners wish to execute new strategies or develop new ideas within their organizations for a number of reasons:

 Corporate Resizing


Lower production demand, more efficient technologies, or cost-cutting measures can require reducing the size of the business workforce. Fewer employees may need fewer supervisors, resulting in a distinct reporting and communication framework. Conversely, a thriving small business may require additional infrastructure to support its growth.

 Risk Management

As companies expand or downsize, changing roles within the corporate structure may leave holes in management. Identifying and closing those gaps may require a new corporate structure to protect the company and its shareholders.


Management Style

This is an opportunity for a business to reinvent its management style. Removing micromanagement and empowering employees. Freeing managers to concentrate on strategic planning within their businesses.


 Changing Scope of Business

A business’s scope may change over time, necessitating a revamping of its business model to stay competitive. Restructuring might involve developing new products, connecting with international markets, or redesigning the services offered.


Organizational Reshuffling

Organizational changes may allow the business to diversify its interests, creating a broader growth base. Such changes may also allow an organization to take advantage of new incentives it was not earlier eligible for.


  Debt Restructuring

Loan refinancing or restructuring can reduce a business’s debt load, averting future financial issues.

The most important aspect of restructuring is to consult with an experienced corporate lawyer in Saudi Arabia.

Advantages of Business Restructuring

How you choose to restructure your business will be unique to you, however, there are some common advantages that result from the restructuring process.

Increased efficiency and communication

Restructuring often gets rid of non-essential layers in the management chain. This opens up the lines of communication allowing for increased efficiency and removes burdens on productivity.

Increased operational efficiency

If your restructuring sees new technologies being introduced, this can increase your operational efficiency. For example, introducing a new fintech could make it easier and more efficient to access business records.

Decrease in operation costs

Outsourcing services can be cheaper than in house.

We provide legal solutions for the following types of business restructuring:

  1. Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures 
  2. Internal Restructuring
  3. Due Diligence & Planning

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