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As an expert tech startup lawyer in Riyadh, providing consultation to technology companies since 2018, our law firm delivers a wealth of best practices to startups in the areas of company formation, seed funding, equity issues, intellectual property protection, strategic partnership agreements, and various other legal and business affairs when establishing a new technology startup in Saudi Arabia. We have been recognized as a leading tech law firm in Saudi Arabia.

Intellectual property law is the stock-in-trade of technology innovation in mobile applications, websites, web-based social networks, and other verticals of the digital ecosystem. Intellectual property protection may be central to competitive protection and monetization of the venture. 

Some legal issues presented in technology services include:


Branding and Trademark Protection


Copyright Clearance and Software Licensing


Intellectual Property and Competitive Barrier Strategy


Company Formation and Co-Founder Agreements


Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policies


Favorable Confidentiality Agreements


Venture Capital and Angel Investment Agreements


Contracts with Suppliers and Service Providers


Competitive Advantage, Marketing and Monetization Strategy

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa provides legal and business consultation to technology startups and growth-stage companies in Saudi Arabia. Legal and business affairs services tailored for startups with many years of exclusive focus on technology law, we consult entrepreneurs on various legal and business affairs commonly faced by technology startups.

Company Formation for Startups

Consultation on best company structure options, such as sole proprietorship, joint stock company, or limited liability company, providing strategies and due diligence. Startup entity formation may include forming a joint stock company or limited liability company and protection agreements to the founders and investors, drafting subscription agreements, shareholders agreements, term sheets, disclosure letters, NDAs, and more.


Trademark Search, Clearance, and Registration

Trademark consultation and registration services for startups and entrepreneurs may include a trademark search and clearance report, consultation on the startup’s specific trademark, slogan, company name, and logo design protection strategy, and preparation and filing with the regulator.


 Intellectual Property Protection

We provide comprehensive consultation and review of startup business models under copyright laws, trademark laws, trade secret laws, patent laws, contracts, and other legal and business options.

Contract Consultation, Negotiation, and Drafting for Startups

Our practice consults startups on standard and industry-specific contracts, including drafting, reviewing, and negotiating agreements with website developers, designers, marketing consultants, SEO companies, vendor agreements and other third parties a startup or technology enterprise may work with at various stages. 

We also provide custom Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA, Confidentiality Agreement) to help protect clients’ intellectual property, such as copyrights, trademarks, designs, logos, ideas, and other vital proprietary assets, during “discussion periods” with potential investors and advise founders and entrepreneurs on discussions of their ideas with outside parties without unnecessarily disclosing confidential information.

Popular agreements:

Term Sheets

Founders Agreements 

Share Subscription Agreements 

Shareholders Agreements

Disclosure Agreements 

Seed round funding Agreements

E-commerce Agreements

Customized Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement

There are many “free” non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements online. Do not rely on these forms to protect confidential information. After a confidential discussion with our startup clients, we may draft a customized confidentiality agreement and consult CEOs and founders on how to discuss the business with investors and other third parties on a need-to-know basis and protect sensitive business information.

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We share our entrepreneur clients’ passion for innovation and take pride in advising on delivering sophisticated legal advice to help them navigate the various stages of product development and launch process.