Employment Contracts

Understanding the legal structure and recent labor changes is essential for handling the complexity of employment laws in Saudi Arabia. We know the constantly evolving Saudi laws. That’s why we offer comprehensive employment contract services to tailor your requirements. Our services can assist both employees and employers in guaranteeing their contracts are clear and beneficial. 

We at the Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa have extensive knowledge and experience in labor laws and norms, which allows us to provide diverse legal assistance that safeguards your rights as an employee or employer. We give personalized attention to each client and represent innovation to the conventional solution to retain the ideal standards. 

Our Employment Contract Services

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa is dedicated to delivering the best legal assistance. Check out what’s included in our contract services:


Crafting Contracts

We have the best contract lawyers in Saudi Arabia who are experts in employment laws. They give personal attention while working with clients to understand their specific requirements and aims thoroughly. As per their understanding, they curate contracts that reflect terms and conditions. We take complete control while drafting contracts in compliance with the client’s interests and legal entities.


Contract Amendments

Conditions can change over time, necessitating modifications to existing contracts. The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa enables clients to amend contracts to include new features, solve unanticipated occurrences, or change current conditions. They guarantee that the adjustments are legally sound and assist clients in navigating potential risks or consequences.


Contract Review

It is vital to have a deep understanding of the terms and implications before entering into contractual agreements. Our contract lawyers conduct detailed reviews of employment contracts to help our clients make more informed decisions and mitigate risks.


Legal Expertise and Compliance

Delve into the complexities of Saudi Arabia’s employment legislation. We provide consultations on labor reforms, employee mobility, expatriate employment conditions, and more to help companies handle legal obstacles successfully.

Why Choose The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa for Employment Advice?

Do you want expert legal assistance for employment in Saudi Arabia? Look no further than The law firm of Nasreen Alissa, a reputed law firm with numerous years of experience in solving basic to complex employment dispute cases and providing the best-suited compensation to our clients. Our team of expert contract lawyers is always up to assist you. Here’s why you should rely on our law firm: 



Our team of corporate lawyers in Saudi Arabia has in-depth knowledge and expertise in numerous sectors.


Comprehensive Service Support

From reviewing contracts to resolving conflicts, we offer a full-fledged range of legal services to tailor your needs and to keep you satisfied.

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Proven Track Records

Our law firm’s decent reputation and successful track record of handling complex cases made us different from other competitors. That’s why our clients express satisfaction with our legal service.


Instant Response

As a reliable law firm, we understand the importance of time in legal concerns. We respond quickly to your queries and tailor all your legal requirements.


Client Focus

The law firm of Nasreen Alissa prioritizes safeguarding your interests while making a positive and legally compliant employment atmosphere.


Maintain Ethical Standards

As a prominent law firm, we maintain the highest ethical standards, ensuring confidentiality and transparency in all client dealings.

Do you have any questions about employment contracts? No worries! We are just one call or message away.

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Our ExpertAnswers

Employment Contracts
Why should I choose The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa?
You can rely on  The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa on behalf of numerous pointers:  

  1. Deep knowledge and expertise in labor law in Saudi Arabia. 
  2. Achieving the right balance between the international best practices and the local knowledge. 
  3. Offers cutting-edge contentious and non-contentious legal services in Riyadh.
What is the end-of-service benefit in Saudi Arabia?

The end-of-service benefit is a payment to the employee upon the termination of their employment tenure. It is calculated based on the tenure of the service.

What happens if you breach an NDA clause?
If you breach an NDA clause, your employer is eligible to sue. So, if you violate the clause’s terms and conditions, consulting with the best contract lawyer in Saudi Arabia is vital
What are the penalties for terminating an employment contract illegally?

If an employee illegally terminates their employment contract, he/she is liable for penalties that include compensation to the aggrieved party as per the contract type and terms. Compensation calculations consider factors like the duration of the contract and the employee’s salary during termination. Article 77 in the Saudi Labor Law demonstrates complete norms and guidelines for improper termination.

How do labor law reforms affect employment contracts in Saudi Arabia?

Recent labor law reforms have improved employee mobility. They enable easier job changes, leave without employer consent at contract expiration, and streamline administrative procedures.