Employment Disputes

A dispute with your company can turn into stress, income loss, and reputation damage. At The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa, we understand the hard impacts of employment disputes on employers and employees, including personal and professional life. That’s why we are here to resolve your conflicts and give you the best legal advice. Our best employment dispute lawyers in Saudi Arabia are committed to offering you detailed support on numerous employment practices. We are your best legal rights defender. 

Our Expertise 

If you are in a dispute with your workplace, our lawyers can assist you. We help senior executives and professionals resolve disputes in the following areas:

For Employees

Wrongful Termination


If you have been unjustly let go from your job, The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa is here to challenge the fight for your rights. We provide authentic legal advice when employees claim they were wrongfully fired at work.

 Retaliation and Whistleblower Claims

Our law firm also counsels employees who have been retaliated against for whistleblowing or exercising their rights under employment law.


 Discrimination and harassment

Everyone in Saudi Arabia deserves a secure and respectful workplace. If you are facing discrimination and harassment based on racism, gender, age, religion, or sex, we will stand with you to address and correct these wrongs.


 Legal Consultation

Our employment dispute lawyers are proficient enough to provide legal assistance, our initial assessment of the employee’s case, and advice on the case’s viability and possible outcomes.


 Wage and Hour Claims

Do you need help getting fair pay for your work? It’s illegal, and The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa is here to assist you in recovering unpaid wages, including overtime and bonuses. Our team also resolves disputes and brings the benefits that you are perfectly owned.

For Employers


 Preventive Advice

Our professional employment dispute lawyers guide you through employment policies, procedures, and documentation to prevent hurdles and disputes and ensure compliance with labor laws.


 Dispute Resolution

We help resolve employee conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration to avert lawsuits. Our services aim to resolve numerous employment disputes fairly and effectively.


 Proper Investigation

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa has always been dedicated to assisting in conducting internal inspections related to employee misconduct.

 Risk Management


The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa has worked on resolving organizational and employee conflicts and offering strategies to manage and mitigate risks linked with employment law issues. 


 Defense in Litigation

Defend employers in court against employee claims, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, and salary disputes.

Why Choose Our Law Firm in Saudi Arabia?

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa has expert employment dispute lawyers who regularly secure six-figure settlements for our trustworthy clients. Please have a look at the pointers that made us unique from other law firms in Saudi Arabia :-

Unique Legal Strategies

The Law Firm of Nasreen Alissa acknowledges that every client and circumstance is unique. We aim to create bespoke legal solutions tailored to each client’s situation and goals.

Experience and Expertise 

Our lawyers bring years of experience and knowledge in employment law, giving you knowledgeable guidance you can trust. 

Decent Track Record and Reputation

With a vast history of accomplished case resolutions, we are confident in our ability to navigate employment disputes’ core complexities to achieve favorable results. Our firm has a decent reputation, so we are the #1 choice for Riyadh residents. 


Our top priorities are delivering ultimate success and satisfaction. That’s why we are dedicated to providing transparent, responsive, and effective legal services.

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