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Mar 14
STEP Conference is one of the most known technology festivals in the Middle East. The conference gives the chance to bring some of the most influential tech leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, brands, creatives, investors from all around the world under one umbrella. It’s been the seventh year of STEP Conference in a row. STEP is a fantastic opportunity for the newbie startups to launch, network around, get investors & learn. The conference has many interactive workshops
How to Find the Best Law Firm in Saudi Arabia?

How to Find the Best Law Firm in Saudi Arabia?

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Mar 08
When it comes to getting your businesses off the ground with all the legal considerations of operating a company, it is essential to get advice from the best. Almost every business requires a lawyer’s opinion, no matter what its size is. Even with the smallest company, there are tax concerns that should be addressed in the planning stages as early as possible. How to Choose the Right Attorney? There are a few things you should
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Company law

Saudi Arabia’s Corporate Law (Company Law)

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Mar 01
If you are planning to start any type of company in Saudi Arabia, you need to understand corporate law (Company law). Understanding such laws allows you to avoid going against the law which could lead to legal issues. In the recent past, there have been several adjustments to Saudi Arabia’s corporate law (Company Law) to attract foreign investment. Various amendments were made to the laws governing the operations of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) in Saudi
Intellectual Property rights in saudi arabia

Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia

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Feb 28
There are numerous principles used to manage intellectual property rights in Saudi Arabia. First, a general strategy to protect intellectual property rights is essential. Secondly, the availability of intellectual property rights, as well as their scope of protection, is different in Saudi Arabia. Thirdly, most rights in Saudi Arabia should be registered under local laws for them to be enforced. The protection against unauthorized use of copyrights in Saudi Arabia is dependent on its national
Foreign investment in Pakistan

5 legal Tips for Foreign Investments in Saudi Arabia

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Feb 27
Foreign Investments in Saudi Arabia | Reputable investors are always looking for new investment opportunities in different countries. Foreign investment is a significant risk, but if well calculated, you can earn a lot. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries with large economic potential. Most investors want to try their luck in the country. Below are the top five tips that will help you, if you plan to invest in Saudi Arabia. 1. Understand Tadawul