arbitration in saudi arabia

Law of Arbitration in Saudi Arabia

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Feb 26
Arbitration in Saudi Arabia | From a historical point of view, arbitration has not been widely used as a method of resolving disputes in Saudi Arabia. However, after the new Law of Arbitration and the new Enforcement Law were passed, the arbitration landscape in the country has changed for the better. The two encouraging changes include the establishment of the Saudi Centre for Commercial Arbitration (SCCA) and the publication of SCCA rules. Additionally, new Arbitration
Investment in Saudi Arabia

Investment in Saudi Arabia: What Rights do Shareholders have?

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Feb 25
Investment in Saudi Arabia: Commercial companies play a significant role in the development of a country’s economy. Also of importance is the rights of shareholders because it determines the number of people willing to invest their money in the industry. In the recent past, there has been increased interest in investment in Saudi Arabia. You just don’t invest in any country blindly; here are some things you should know about when it comes to shareholders
legal advice

The Need for Legal Advice

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Jan 22
Legal Advice In life, you are faced with setbacks, milestones, and challenges. How you respond to them determines your success. You need to consult with a legal professional when you deal with real estate issues, going through divorce, accident cases, or starting a business. Without seeking legal advice, you may end up making decisions that may cost you a lot. Lawyers can be a little expensive but they can help to save money. Below are
mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions in Saudi Arabia

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Jan 18
Saudi Arabia has no comprehensive mergers and acquisitions laws. Provisions that govern the operations of mergers and acquisitions can be found in various legal principles and statutes. The Islamic Law is the main legislative system of the land. The Islamic Law thus governs the contract law, Corporate Law, and some provisions on mergers and acquisitions. Different types of private companies are subject to the same rules. However, it is worth noting that M&A of public
corporate law

Corporate Law in Saudi Arabia

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Jan 17
Corporate Law There have been notable developments in the corporate law (Saudi Companies Law) in Saudi Arabia. If you are an investor who is interested in establishing a business in Saudi Arabia, it is important that you understand the corporate sector to avoid unnecessary inconveniences issues. Below is helpful information about the new Companies Law in the Kingdom. Interim Period According to the new law under article 224, existing companies are given 12 months to