Saudi Arabia has no comprehensive mergers and acquisitions laws. Provisions that govern the operations of mergers and acquisitions can be found in various legal principles and statutes. The Islamic Law is the main legislative system of the land. The Islamic Law thus governs the contract law, Corporate Law, and some provisions on mergers and acquisitions.

Different types of private companies are subject to the same rules. However, it is worth noting that M&A of public companies are governed by additional rules. Mergers and acquisitions are also supervised by the Capital Market Authority.

The activities of Mergers and Acquisitions in Saudi Arabia are likely to increase in the next few years. The main areas of interest will be Insurance, Food, Construction, Industrial, Automotive, Retail services, Real Estate, and Audit sectors. Other notable areas of investments are advisory services, and tax provision services.

The country is currently focusing on reforms in different areas such as regulations and laws to ensure that M&A activities are accelerated. The changes are continually being made to attract investments. Changes in laws are regulations are made to strengthen the financial position of businesses, to increase competitiveness, to reduce financial risks, reduce costs, and to transfer knowledge.

For the next two years, the Middle East region will experience significant development of the mergers and acquisition sector. Saudi Arabia will experience the most significant transformations because it has taken various measures to diversify the economy.

More investors are gaining confidence in the economy of Saudi Arabia. As a result, they are willing to take more risks and involve other companies in different operations. Increased number of companies have merged to increase the capital base and to improve their mode of operation. Growth is expected in different sectors such as entertainment, sports, healthcare, technology, education, social infrastructure, and consumer retail.

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