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Technology can be both a weapon and a destruction. Crimes can be committed in the vast virtual world of computers, and that’s what we in the legal sector refer to as cybercrimes. Representing a client accused of a cybercrime or is being the victim of thereof requires deep understanding and comprehension of the daily complex technology and its possible misuse. We have handled cybercrimes cases in areas of fraud & identity theft and transaction fraud and can offer you the best support when in need.

Innovation without intellectual property is probably lost work. When you put your whole efforts into an exhilarating object, your responsibility to safe-keep its exclusivity is a great challenge. This concept applies to all fields of production and businesses.

The Firm’s Litigation service group has an active Civil, Criminal and Commercial Litigation practice. The Members of the Firm carefully review the client’s goals prior to initiation of any litigation proceedings. Specific Strategies are drawn after considering those goals and keeping in mind the cost and time factor involved in pursuing the most appropriate remedy.