STEP Conference is one of the most known technology festivals in the Middle East. The conference gives the chance to bring some of the most influential tech leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs, brands, creatives, investors from all around the world under one umbrella. It’s been the seventh year of STEP Conference in a row.

STEP is a fantastic opportunity for the newbie startups to launch, network around, get investors & learn. The conference has many interactive workshops to attend. After getting a huge success on the grounds of Dubai Internet City, for the first time STEP Conference has announced to launch its summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the mid of February, the STEP Group announced that they will be extending the two-day event in Dubai, & will take it to Riyadh on 25th March.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a flourishing country in the GCC. With the recent developments in technology in Saudi Arabia, it is now one of the biggest attraction for such conferences & events. Many of the startups and foreign investors, who are looking to expand their business in the international market, consider Saudi Arabia as a thrilling and attractive option. Saudi Arabian market welcomes trade growth, business cultures, e-commerce developments, & tech influencers.

It is a growing market of Internet-savvy consumers, and that’s why STEP Conference Saudi is all set to be launched on 25th March 2019, in Riyadh. It will be covering from digital media to financial technology, with the aim to attract over 2,000 attendees & participation from more than 50 government entities. STEP Conference Saudi will be launching at least 100 startups & 120,000 business formations.

It will also be hosting panels & discussions with some of the incredible speakers from all around the GCC. The participating companies & the line-up speakers are all set.

One of the speakers from Saudi Arabian’s emerging entrepreneurial landscape participating in Step Conference Saudi 2019 is the tech-humanitarian & attorney Nasreen Alissa.

Nasreen Alissa is known for owning “Nasreen Alissa Law Firm,” the first law firm in Saudi Arabia to be led & held by a female Saudi lawyer. She has a specialty in Corporate Matters, Intellectual Property, and E-commerce & Technology. Nasreen Alissa is also the founder of two mobile applications which are meant to educate & benefit Saudis as well as people all around the Gulf. To know more about Nasreen Alissa & to listen to the entrepreneurial journey you can book your tickets for STEP Conference Saudi 2019. See you there!