Know your Rights Mobile Application Saudi Arabia

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March 30, 2021

Mobile devices have become a basic functionality need for people world over. At any given time, communication is key for the progress and success of any development project or work schedule. As a matter of fact, mobile devices have cascaded down into monitoring individual people’s health. Mobile device applications have rapidly evolved through the aid of software development strategies. Further, these devices have the capability of reaching far and wide dispatching information as directed by the end-user. It is on this basis that know your rights mobile application was developed with the aim of assisting women within the kingdom to better understand their legal rights and guard themselves against problems that may befall them.

Know Your Rights mobile application Saudi Arabia was made by Nasreen Alissa, an attorney with the goal to empower and assist women and help them with legal issues so they can protect themselves against problems that could befall them owing to ignorance of the law. Know Your Rights mobile application is well outlined with a user-friendly interface makes it easy for any user to engage with the contents of the application. The contents of the application mainly revolve around family matters especially on issues of the divorce process and custody thereof.

The main menu of Know Your Rights application is categorized into nine categories all marked in distinguished colors and written in readable font. The categories include sections on, questions & answers, employment, business, foreigners, general advice and complaints. It also has sections on men’s rights, and rights of an accused. The tool bar of Know Your Rights mobile application contains a consultation icon that allows users to make inquiries directly to a legal expert. Further, the toolbar has an icon called “ how to file a lawsuit” that leads a user to a page that outlines the court process, from initiating a legal action, understanding how to file a lawsuit and up to the final step. Know Your Rights mobile application provides an audio and semi visual provision that explains to the users who may not be able to read the processes therein.

Know Your Rights mobile application also contains in its tool bar a section that allows for phone calls to be made by the user to the experts for legal advice, which is an extra service outside the scope of the mobile application incase users need further assistance. All the categories in the menu are as detailed as possible with details ranging into all matters of law in criminal, business law, employment law, civil law, inheritance law, family law and every sphere of legal matters. Know Your Rights mobile application is presented in both English and Arabic languages that allow for access by users from all origins.

The law in Saudi Arabia is presented only in the Arabic language, so Know Your Rights mobile application is made to be a bilingual application, to help non-Arabic speakers understand the law. The application is compliant with religion and social standards. Its symbols are simple with a friendly interaction with users. Know Your Rights mobile application is a development that adds value to users.

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