What do you need to know when choosing lawyers in Saudi Arabia

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Leagel

September 26, 2019

There are many things you need to know before choosing a lawyer in Saudi Arabia, because legal advice is very important in our business, property, family and other legal matters. It is similar when you are choosing a doctor, you have a problem, you sort out what kind of a problem it is, diagnose it, and then find a solution. The main three things most people want to know when searching for a lawyer are: ethics, experience and cheap prices.

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5 Important Keys for Choosing a Lawyer in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Identify Your Problem

    In Saudi Arabia before choosing a lawyer, you must know and understand your issue first. Are you suffering from a breach of contract, copyright infringement etc. Are you are starting a new business, you might be a startup or someone who wants to buy a business or start a franchise. It is always good to brain storm first, write things down and make sure you know what you want first. Also doing research online and getting a general understanding of what it is you are looking for is important. For example, if you want to start a business, the first thing you should do is to check the Ministry of Commerce and Investment website and do a full due diligence.

  2. Make a List of Lawyers

    Once you determine your problem or what you are looking for, then go online and check law firm websites, look under their services to see if your issue matches their services. Also, call them up and check if they can assist you or not, as some law firms might be busy. After that make a list of eligible lawyers.

  3. Ethics

    After you make the list of lawyers, then visit them. Have a one to one sit down. Ask yourself those questions: Is a good lawyer merely one that is exceptionally intelligent and can promote anyone’s case, no matter their moral standing and the impact on society? Is a lawyer just a gun for hire? Do lawyers just use their intellectual ability to make money? Or is there some broader context? Make sure whoever you hire, shall practice their profession without pressure to compromise their ethical standards.

  4. Pick a Law Firm of the Right Size

    If you are a startup, you should not hire a large firm, pick a small firm or a solo practitioner. Also a lot of information is available online, so sometimes you can do the task yourself without the need of a lawyer.

  5. Billing

    Don’t be afraid or nervous to discuss fees. Ask for an estimate upfront. Traditionally, most business lawyers would work on an hourly basis. If you are a startup, ask for a discount.
    The most important part is to be sure that the arrangement works for you. If you prefer one or the other – hourly, fixed fee, or some other type of arrangement – be sure to communicate that to the lawyer. As long as you’re upfront about your expectations, he or she should be able to work with you.
    Ideally, you should establish a relationship with a lawyer that will last for the life of your career. Maybe you’ll even become good friends.

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