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by | Sep 9, 2019 | Business Law

September 9, 2019

Business law in Saudi Arabia generally includes business contracts, trade, sales of goods, sale of property, manufacturing of goods, etc. Laws in relation to setting up businesses in Saudi Arabia also regulates the type of partnership, whether it is a sole proprietorship or a limited liability. You can start your business alone or with partners.

Here are several tips to assist you in reducing the risks of your business:

Contracts must be in written form

Whenever you start any business, you must write it down, because in case of any dispute you have documentary proof of what you agreed on. People run businesses all around the world and there are many disputes that arise between the parties due to not having written agreements, so according to business lawyers in Saudi Arabia one should document everything in a contract. Oral agreements are also valid, but written contracts have more value than oral contracts. 


In business, risk of loss is more than profit. There must be liability insurance, which can protect your business from any risks. Insurance will reduce the risk. There are different kinds of liability insurance for businesses in Saudi Arabia, so you will need to find out which works best for your type of business and do your research well.

Consider a limited liability company

In sole proprietorship, you are the only owner of your business and this opens you up to the most personal liability. However, creating a limited liability company protects you and your business. You never know what can go wrong and if something goes wrong, you want to make sure that you do not have to pay for it with your personal assets. If you do not protect your business with a limited liability company then your personal assets like a house, car, bank account, etc could be seized to pay off creditors if the partnership is sued.  A skilled small business lawyer in Saudi Arabia can advise you on how to set up your company.

Business knowledge

You must have knowledge of your business. You must know, what you want to do. How to start a business? How to manage a business? For example, if you start clothes manufacturing business then you must know how to manufacture clothes, which type of threads are used and how you gain profit from that business. knowledge is key to success. 

Business law in Saudi Arabia

A lawyer can better guide you about your business and tell you about business law in Saudi Arabia. Hiring a lawyer to handle all your business legal work will tremendously reduce business risks. A lot of lawyers in Saudi Arabia are very experienced with business plans and can guide you about the law and its complexity.  Lawyers know what problems may arise in business and they can help you set up your business to avoid problems. Avoiding legal mistakes are an important consideration in any business. Working with a lawyer will increase your chances of success.

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