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Apr 16
Gone too soon. I won a settlement agreement for a delightful client, and two days later he passed away. Vincent was a kind man with a good sense of humor & full of energy. He found our website online and visited our office. Vincent said that he looked up my name and spoke highly of me. He firmly believed that I will win. He said to me ‘You remind me of Harvey Specter from Suits
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Introduction to Risk Reduction in Saudi M&A Transactions

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Apr 04
Ever since Saudi Arabia joined the World Trade Organization, it is one of the world’s foremost emerging markets. Saudi M&A laws are improving transparency and efficiency. These laws will help companies conduct M&A activities in the KSA without barriers and difficulties. These improvements in Saudi M&A laws will help to stimulate the country’s economy as well. The M&A transactions are rapidly growing in the country’s stock market. The Saudi M&A Regulations When the controlling stake
Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia Startups Need to Know

Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia Startups Need to Know

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Mar 30
As the knowledge-based economy is growing in Saudi Arabia, the role of Intellectual property assets is also increasing. If you’re working on how to develop your startup idea or your business is already up-and-running, it is essential to learn how to protect your Intellectual Property rights in Saudi Arabia. By protecting your startup’s Intellectual Property, it will help in: • Monetizing your work & ideas, • Helping in securing funding, • Avoiding the theft of
Business Law in Saudi Arabia

Business Law in Saudi Arabia: Founder’s Agreement

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Mar 27
Why Startups Shouldn’t Ignore Founder’s Agreement: Your startup is ready to launch, and you have defined the ultimate value proposition for your company. Even if you have started your company with your best friend. The sooner you decide and work out the co-founder’s agreement the better it is. A founder agreement helps your company grow & expand in the longer run. It also helps your company to stay firm on the mission even if any
Foreign Investment Law in Saudi Arabia

Foreign Investment Law in Saudi Arabia Allowed Business Entity Structures

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Mar 18
When starting a business, one should choose a business structure first. A business structure helps you give the right balance of legal benefits and protections. It influences your day-to-day operations. A business structure will let you know • Your ability to raise money, • How much tax you need to pay, • The type of paperwork you need to file, • How to protect your assets, and • Your business liability. Before registering your company