Turkey Investment in Saudi Arabia

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January 30, 2018

Due to a factor of turkey investment in Saudi Arabia, these two countries share a good connection between them and that is in light of a significant built up of history and social culture affiliations. The support that happens in all territories between the two countries is the ordinary result of the partnership of the two nations that offer a commonplace history and similar characteristics.

Recently, the connection between Turkey and Saudi Arabia have grown further, increasing and accomplishing the level of “key affiliation.” Besides investment between Turkey and the Kingdom, there is a similarity in culture and family values that brings the two countries closer together which makes investment easier.

Financial and business relations between Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is developing quickly. The yearly exchange volume between the two nations surpasses 5 billion Dollars, while not mirroring the genuine potential. Turkey has been putting investments into Saudi Arabia for quite a long time and the estimation of activities attempted by Turkish construction investors in Saudi Arabia within the most recent couple of years achieved 15 billion Dollars, and consequently, the volume of Saudi direct ventures is around 2 billion Dollars. The quantity of Saudi travelers who have visited Turkey is more than 600,000.

According to the Investment Promotion Agency report, “the estimation of Turkish agriculture prices to Saudi Arabia has enhanced by 55.6% per year prior.” It also says that “the estimation of Saudi imports of Turkish agriculture and farming items rose from $108 million out of 2015 to $168 million per year prior.”  He attributed the reasons behind the extension to the high repeat of assignments’ improvement, Turkey Investment in Saudi Arabia and the trading of joint ventures between business investors of the two nations.

The announcement came amid the facilitating of the Riyadh Chamber and a Turkish exchange delegation comprising of 10 organizations having some expertise in results of new natural products.

It was a great opportunity for the Saudi agricultural business & companies to produce & grow vegetables & fruits, & make deals & opt for mutual partnerships when the Turkish delegation visited Saudi Arabia. Another golden opportunity to make a profit from the partnership between these two countries is “The Farming Land Investment.”

The Saudi-Turkish Business Council is continuously encouraging investments in Saudi Arabia. To explore trade and investment opportunities between these two countries & to listen to their respective concerns regarding trade & investment flow, maintaining such meetings are essential. It will help them in creating sustainability & robust economies.

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