Prevention of Cybercrimes in Saudi Arabia

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December 24, 2018

We live in a world of Information Technology (IT) which plays an integral part in our lives. With current advancements in technology, people have been able to find solutions to most of their problems using information technology. Unfortunately, there are numerous negative implications of this technology. Saudi Arabia is not an exception. Cybercrimes in Saudi Arabia have been an excellent challenge for a long time.

Before we even discuss the measures taken to prevent cybercrimes in Saudi Arabia, let us first look at examples of such crimes. There are increased online activities in the country, so you expect related problems. Examples of cybercrimes in Saudi Arabia are hacking, virus dissemination, phishing, cyber terrorism, spamming, and Denial of Service Attack.

Shariah laws

Although Shariah laws are quite strict and effective in preventing other crimes, they are not clear or are too general in regards to cybercrimes. The law is not applicable in preventing some types of cybercrimes in Saudi Arabia because the case can be argued differently.

National Cyber Security Center (NCSC)

This body is at the forefront of fighting cybercrimes in the country. NCSC identifies cybersecurity threats, offers effective responses in case of cyber-attacks, shares cyber threats, and protects critical assets.

Digital Evidence

To prosecute offenders, it is important to use credible evidence. Digital evidence is currently acceptable according to the law. The High Court can use digital evidence to prosecute those who commit cybercrimes.

Agreement with the USA

Through cooperation with the USA, Saudi Arabia has managed to reduce cybercrimes. The USA offers specialized training and ways of countering terrorism forces through the internet. As a result, Saudi Arabia has improved the measures taken to strengthen cyber defense. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has developed mechanisms of preventing missile attacks and enhancing bolstering maritime security. These measures have significantly reduced cybercrimes in the country.

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