How to Protect Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia

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November 28, 2018

Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia

Intellectual property could be in different forms. It could be a unique idea, invention, or personal property. All countries have various laws that govern these rights. It is essential to protect intellectual property to encourage creativity and originality. Saudi Arabia also has many rules in place to help protect the intellectual property of its residents. Let’s have a look at this Helpful Guide on intellectual property in Saudi Arabia.

Protection in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has adopted various strict laws aimed at protecting the Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia. It has embraced the gulf corporation council trademark law. As the name suggests, the bill addresses issues of trademark rights. Trademark is a word familiar to many. This is a symbol used by a given business. That firm then owns the emblem. If another company uses the same token, or something close to the original, it is regarded as a serious offense.

The country practices GCC patent laws. Patent rights are also common to many business people. This protection allows you to enjoy 100 percent profit of your innovation for a given period. That encourages people to push their limits and think of new ideas to benefit from this protection.

To enjoy the privileges of these laws, it is advisable for any firm or business to acquire patent and trademark protection before starting operations. This means that the company has to sign some paperwork. The type of paperwork signed varies depending on the intellectual property protection being sought.

When you write a book or carry out any other form of artistic work, you have the sole right to make copies of your work or market it. These rights are known as copyright. Once your work is in a tangible form, you automatically acquire the rights. Saudi Arabia has offices where this paperwork can be done.

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