Intellectual Property Rights in Saudi Arabia

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February 28, 2019

There are numerous principles used to manage intellectual property rights in Saudi Arabia. First, a general strategy to protect intellectual property rights is essential. Secondly, the availability of intellectual property rights, as well as their scope of protection, is different in Saudi Arabia. Thirdly, most rights in Saudi Arabia should be registered under local laws for them to be enforced.

The protection against unauthorized use of copyrights in Saudi Arabia is dependent on its national laws and the international IP agreements that Saudi Arabia is a member in. Most countries offer copyright protection to foreign works under certain conditions.

Saudi Arabia now implements the Unified Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Trademark Law. The law harmonizes intellectual property practices in different regions including Saudi Arabia. A first-to-file plays the most crucial role in granting patent rights in Saudi Arabia. This implies that whoever files first is granted patent rights. Since Saudi Arabia operates on first-to-file, it is essential that you figure out how you can obtain trademark protection or patent before you bring new products or services to the market of Saudi Arabia.

The right’s holder is responsible for the enforcement, protection, and registration of their rights. It is advisable for companies to seek the services of IP consultants or local attorneys so that they may learn about the right approach to intellectual property rights in Saudi Arabia. Foreigners willing to introduce new products to the market of Saudi Arabia should work with intellectual property agents and/or local law firms. This clearly shows that your intellectual rights are fully protected in Saudi Arabia as long as you register your property and ideas with all the relevant authorities inside the country and/or other countries.

Speaking of Intellectual Property in Saudi Arabia, there are three things you need to know to protect your music:

• Copyright is automatic as soon as a work is created.

• Register it at King Fahad Library in case of infringement.

• Do not share your music with third parties unless they sign an NDA.

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